Cheesiest technique that works

Alright fellas, what is your favorite cheesy looking technique from TMA that YOU KNOW FOR A FACT works? whether it be from personl experience or from direct observation.

Personal experience: open hand thrust to the adam's apple. The one where you hit the throat with the web part of your hand, almost with a punching action, thrusting it so when you make contact your arm is still bent (six inches behind target type of thing).

Direct observation: Ridge hand to the head which resulted in a flash knockout.I saw it on a police training video when I was in Criminal justice. A street thug unknowingly attacked an off duty police officer who ironically was the DT instructor for their department. His trainees videotaped it from a window above the street. It was hilarious!

Please share some Brothers!

lead hand backfist- the one where you're rotating your wrist so the thumb twists towards the opponent. it's illegal in boxing, but is like an alternative jab with some sting. Also like a fan strike in FMA, but without the stick. Looks kinda cheesy because of it's similarity to the infamous point-sparring backfist.

Stepping side-kick. I've actually pulled this off on the street, if you can believe that.

I've always liked a spinning backfist. Seeing Shonie get the KO with it just reaffirmed those hours on the bag weren't wasted.
4 Ranges, I love that kick.

both the stepping side kick and the spinning backfist have been used too many times in MMA & san shou to be cheesy to me. lol

jump spinning back kicks, hook kicks, and axe kicks have scored some vicious KOs as well...

I've actually seen a few people pull off an outside crescent kick if you can believe it.

The pull them into a standing arm bar and then reverse it into a wrist lock. I have used this a couple of times.

I also have seen/heard of the backfist and stepping or hopping side kick being used to effect.

Foot sweeps. There was a guy at my old school who won the junior olypics and the nationals for years and it was his bread and butter.

I've landed hard on my ass from a spinning foot sweep from someone else. I clapped and everyone wonderd why i was on the floor clapping.


I always try to do the "jump on Bob Wall/make a weird face" move after the kick, but they don't stay down long enough.

100% Agreement on the foot sweeps. I use them in sparring all of the time. A few months ago I posted some video of me sparring and I swept the guy like 4 or 5 times in 2 minutes.

Nakasako used the handstand kick in K-1. And the kyokushini flip kick is used there

When I was in high school I knocked someone out with an inside to outside crescent kick. It was beautiful.

When I was going through defensive tactics class we were supposed to be working on knife disarms. My partner had the knife and was circling me and I said to him, "How the hell are you going to stab me when your pants are unzipped?" He stopped and looked down at his fly and I actually did the crescent kick disarm to his knife.

DISCLAIMER: I realize it was training and I would not rely on that nor train someone else to try that, I just thought it was so funny that it actuall worked at all.