Cheetah versus Wolverine

Kirik: Jimmy23 said you would bite with this type of thread, thought I would give it a shot.

Everyone else: this would be a great match up though, huh? What do you think?

"I think Wolverine's metal retractable claws would easily cut down the cheetahs speed."

I dunno, have you factored in the Cheetah's gas tank?

Cheetah by Swanton bomb

"There are two videos out there, one of a cougar versus a grizzly, and one of a shark versus an octopus. Of course, the octopus wins because they're smarter, and well, they have long arms, but the cougar totally punked the grizzly bear.

Grizzlies are notorious pussies in the wild when confronted with other animals, especially dogs or cats."

Whatever happened to the Grizzly's hammerfists of stone?

I saw it on Animal Planet. A Grizzly clubbed a poor Siberian Tiger into a dreamlife, then into the afterlife....

grizzly bear Vs a silver back has to be the best line up i can imagine

stop jockriding Hyenas, Lions still own them

"grizzly bear Vs a silver back has to be the best line up i can imagine"

Grizzly bear KO via hammerfists 00.00.46 Rd I.

Hyenas run in packs.. I would pick hyenas over lions as well

also i would like to see a tazmanian devil vs a badger.

"grizzly bear Vs a silver back has to be the best line up i can imagine"

"Grizzly bear KO via hammerfists 00.00.46 Rd I."

Silver Back by brutal ground n pound 02.00.21 Rd I. :D

Zuffa make it happen so we can bet screen names :D

No chance whatsoever.

Monkey Vs 2 young tigers.

"Lions are the TMA guys of the animal world. They have a good sales pitch, and a huge ego, but after watching a documentary on the interaction fo the two, I would have to say that Hyenas pretty much run their turf."

Hyena's will fight in large intimidating packs, and fend off the females. Not so lucky against the males however. They will run from a male Lion. Even just one male Lion.

Thats how a nigga eat!


Silver backs own all except rhinos elephants and hippos

rhinos elephants and hippos This is the ultimat 3 way battle

I'd love to see two octopusses trying to armbar each other four times simultaneously...

Oh, and hyenas usually run from Lions unless they outnumber them significantly. And hippos rule Africa. Once saw a video of a hippo bull coming to munch on the corpse of a buffalo. The lions and crocodiles who were fighting over it before all fucked off in a hurry.

is it cheetah the chimp off tarzan, coz he's 70 years old, so wolverine

Your Father has officially lost it.

Shocking number of bad calls by the UG on this thread. -Lions effortlessly kill hyenas, only running from large packs. -Cougar in the clip was protecting its young and chased off the indifferent Grizzly Bear -Grizzly Bear could never club a Tiger to death -Ordinarily, a shark would kill an octopus, that's why they were shocked when the octopus killed the (very small) shark.