Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk at UFC 97

What say you?


Kongo by nutshot KO.

I say who gives a crap

I like this match-up. It should be an exciting fight and if Hardonk pulls it off, it will show he can compete on a higher level. If Kongo wins, I'd like to see him against someone like Carwin or Cane, to have the winner work towards a title match in the next year or two.


I would love to see them fight eachother in k-1, but in the UFC they probably should be matched against people with other strengths, since niether of them will be able to skillfully exploit the other's weakness. inf0 is right, it probably would turn into an ugly grappling match.


This fight isn't going to decision.

inf0 - I say it turns into a horrible grappling match.

 Can you imagine?  I think Hardonk would actually submit him if this happens.



 LMAO....sounds better than "Hard-bar" I guess


inf0 - I say it turns into a horrible grappling match.

 sounds like a fun matchup to me

I would say if Kongo is fighting Hardonk, he's a helluva long way from a title shot, which is what he's been asking for his last three fights.

i wouldnt mind seeing Kongo vs Alistair Overeem, but i see Alistair running through Kongo at this point