Chemicals Conspired.

Deal w it.

lessthanzero -

Deal w it.

Drunk again? 

Crashing Again?

JoseyWales -

Crashing Again?

Yes, but its a GODDAMN GOOD SONG, somebody validate me?

My gf used to say, "Michael, you always blame me". "Cuz ur the one gettin fucked up every weekend not knowin if u got raped or not"/


"K, its not u, its the chemicals, they conspired to come between us"

I used to say you were my star, the brighest one is what you are, Your secrets hide behind the scenes, you grind your teeth on ecstacy, You used to say I was the one, in spite of all the things I've done, I lost you somewhere in between, I lost you in the methadrine... Your feelin' bad and can't recall, they fed you pills and alcohol, Then later crawl on back to me, you couldn't trust your company And late at night when you can't sleep, you know your're always safe with me I can't compete with chemistry..I can't complete you chemically...

WFA,  should be OG, admin pls

i thought this was gonna be about all the local fighters looking roided last night

I like the song, but it needs a chorus.