Chess talk (I’m a dork)

congrats to mataleo1 for his one sided victory and his african posse!

game here.

It wasn’t one-sided. I got a huge edge early in the first game with an endgame that was relatively easy to play in blitz mode.

The second was complicated but I was able to capitalize on his loose king safety.
Thx Yusul!

I click on the game in the post above but nothing opens

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are you clicking on the actual title? clicking on the screenshot on other parts doesn’t do it.

Props to Yusul for stepping up and Mataleo1 for providing opportunities.

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I think you have to log on after clicking on the link

Thumbs up to @yusul for paying up the 200$ to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Thank you for the donation buddy



Damn I forgot all about watching you guys! I see Mata was victorious.

Side note… That app is awesome. The puzzles are top notch for me. I’ve gone up 200 points already just working on those.

Keep at it! Puzzles alone will get you to a decent level.

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If you are playing in a browser there is a new endgame feature under puzzles. Its pretty cool. You pick a topic (e.g winning king and pawn endgames) and get timed playing it a series of positions, increasing in difficulty as you move along.

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I saw you last night play some dude called RoadtoGM3000 or something… He streams on Twitch…

His stream disconnected or something so I did not see the finish…

Ha! Didn’t know that. Definitely not one of my best games…

still better then me :slight_smile:

god, I keep doing puzzles, lessons, I’ve bought 4 chess books (the Bobby Fischer one, both Stillmans , and a Jose Raul book, but i STILL suck…

I guess it’s only been a few months of taking chess seriously, and I have gotten better from where I started… Totally understand it’s a grind…

I’ve been only doing this 40 years and am still not a grandmaster :slight_smile: