Chess talk (I’m a dork)

I signed up to to watch these matches and watch the losers eat crow. (Added Mataleo as friend)

I watch tranny porn while playing magic the gathering…

I bet I’d be good at chess.

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we’ll put a link to the game.

mataleo1 is vastly superior to me :slight_smile: if i didn’t have odds i’d lose pretty badly in fair or standard game lol. if i wanted to face him in a tournament i think it would have taken years of a winning streak in tournaments (and i’d have to hit a title or a high rating.) playing for charity is quicker :wink:

if you play magic, you’d probably better lawyer than a chess player. who’s turn is it after you play an instant after instant?

Depends who has priority

I’ll try to tune in when you two play. I pray that one of you takes your time so I know wtf is going on. :rofl:

You have priority after your own instant but its rarely used.


Watching highlight video (I guess you’d call it) where Carlsen plays Nepo and the two are trying not to laugh. Looks like both are about to lose it. Any idea the story?

If it’s your turn and your main phase your opponent can’t do anything. Even in instants. Till you do something.

Do you have a link?

That wasnt the scenario I was given but during your main phase if you do nothing you have to pass priority and your opponent can act.

Nah son. You can do something. Sit there and wait til he calls a judge over. Then wait in your combat phase till he calls a judge over. Obviously you failed the Mtg bar.

wat? Im just answering how the rules work, you can certainly stall until a judge is called.

Added @mataleo1 and @yusul (I think lol)

I’m figuring out (doing the puzzles on very quickly that I’m more of a defensive player. Love that many of these puzzles push you to be aggressive.


This oddly feels like magic was mentioned earlier in this thread. I’ve read none of it.