Chest Muscle Pain

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how long an internal chest injury takes to heal up. I'll explain a little better about 1.5 to 2 weeks ago I was sparring (boxing) and took a shot right to my chest (sternum), after wards it hurt like crazy but I figured I just took a good shot. Then the following day it hurt when I would sit up. After a week I figured it healed up then we were doing takedowns and someone sprawled on me, I felt a little discomfort but when I was rolling it really started to bother to point that I can't have any weight on my chest. Any advie? Sorry for the long post btw.

Do Not Pass Go.

Do Not Collect $200.00.

Get to a hospital and have that checked out immediately.  You do not want to mess around with a possible fracture or dislocation of a rib.  It sounds like you've already aggravated the original injury, so stop training and get it checked out NOW.

Good luck! 

It does not feel like my rib, because it does not hurt when I breath or even deep breaths. But thanks for the advice. I think I will visit my doctor so I can figure out what I did.