Chest/Shoulder Injury Question

So about 2 weeks ago, I injured my chest in training. The guy I was going against had a deep overhook on the side that got injured when he threw me and landed on my chest.

So my chest and a little into my shoulder is sore. It's gotten a little better, but its still bothersome. I can do pushups, but not very many and forget about upper body workouts. I'm hoping I didn't tear my pec, but I figured it would hurt a lot more if I did. Any suggestions?

 Take a week off and let it rest...If you injured your chest you probably shouldn't be doing pushups.

I was just doing them to see if I could do them. I wasn't working out or anything. No bruising, just sore. I can't stand not working out, it sucks.

 If you injure yourself, pushing it around will probably only make it worse.

Maybe you can do some light cardio for a week...When was the last time you took some time off?

Injuries are typically a good indication that it is time for you to let your body rest for a week....I had to learn the same thing because I constantly push myself in the gym, but I was killing my body...

It's better to rest for a week to rest your body rather than continuing to train and injuring yourself worse and being out for a year because of a torn ligament or something.

1 week is better than 6 months to a year, IMHO.

True story... I have a hard time doing nothing though. Sucks.

My rule of thumb is that any injury involving knees, shoulders, or back should be taken extremely seriously. By that I mean rest until the injury is healed 100%. Very light lifting if you feel it helps, but otherwise I don't do anything when one of those parts hurt.

I've known people with chronic injuries to that stuff and no matter the surgery or drugs, it never heals completely. I don't want to end up like that, so I take it easy if I bang up my knee. I can take a month off and do nothing if that prolongs my knee by 10 years.

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 Pray it isn't your sternoclavicular joint. There is no successful surgery for the SC. Nothing but a lifetime of pain.