Chi Bolts?

Just curious if anyone had seem demos of a style similar to this before. And just curious about opinions on it. At first I was unsure as to if it was authentic but after watching the videos over for a month and researching white eyebrow kung fu I am convinced it's possible and real. I am also going to visit the school of Dr. wong once I have the ability to travel there for the day.


That is VERY funny. Great troll job.


Heh well actully I do want input on this but im sure it will resuly in a argument about who's chi bolt is bigger ;).

*result in an argument

You want input? Okay, the second one is the funniest. That's about as much imput as anyone should be able to give you.

File this under "amazing-fantasmic-robust-elixers! You seem like a bright you man....This here potion will have you dancin' like Fred Estare!"

When I wake up in the morning my chi bolt is huge.


Watch the LAST clip (number 5) and look for the older lady with redish hair!

As everyone is falling, she stands there for a minute and then realizes that she is supposed to fall too. Its so fucking funny because she is so old, it is hard for her to fake a fall properly to make it look good.


LOL well i dont think she had any reason to move, ie wasnt touched. she just was doing what everyone else is doing for show. But yea I see what you mean, it is amusing :)

I like when the PA guy says "wow".