Chicago Bears set to interview Brian Flores


If we land Flores it’s a home run

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Dolphins fans ought to drag their owner and GM down the street, naked, behind a Subaru BRAT. Team had one winning season in 10 years before he took over. They did a complete roster purge, tried to tank for the number one overall pick, and he won five games. He wanted Herbert, they took Tua. They were destroying teams with Fitzmagic, they made him switch to Tua on a bye week. Flores wanted to move for DeShaun Watson, Ross wanted to stay with Tua.

The GM has kept the Dolphins from being a playoff team for two years now, so the owner fired the coach.


What a dumb, dumb move by Miami. He’s a great coach and widely respected by his player. I was hoping the Vikings would move in on him but it sounds like they want a GM first.

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To be fair, that seems like the right way to do it. You have to have someone in place to evaluate the Kirk Cousins situation before making a head coaching hire, so everyone is on the same page, no matter which way the decision goes.

They keep giving Cousins fully guaranteed money , so there is no evaluation process.
No one is taking that contract so he’s your starter for 1 more year .

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I doubt he will be willing to go to the Bears. Shit organization, shit owners, no GM, salary cap problems, no draft capital……