Chicago BJJ daytime

I need to find out some Bjj schools that have class during the day. I may be changing jobs....well, becoming employed again, and the shift that I will have is from 5pm till 1am.

the only ones I know of are:
gracie barra,
carlson jr (chicago and naperville)

If anyone knows of any other schools please post them here. Or groups of indivuals that get together and train.

If you attend these schools Please tell me a little bit about them.

well i found out some more information on schools in the chicago area that train during the day,

they are not confirmed though

jeff curans place
z's martial arts
straightblastgym illinois

so, I guess no one likes the schools mentioned above?

Curran's in Crystal Lake. He just opened a new 15,000 square foot gym too.

combat-do in cicero with Master Bob

Carlson Gracie Team has classes in the daytime on Tues. and Thurs. at 11:30 and 3:00.

Carlson Sr. teaches the 11:30 classes and Bryan Farrell teaches the 3:00 classes. We also have classes on Sat. at 10 and Sun. at 11.

If you would like more information please call me at 773-456-6397.


Combat-Do runs there morning class Tue, Wed, Thur at 9:00A.M.

There are regular classes at Curran's too. He is a great technician and has a great new gym. On the other hand, Jeff would not sya a bad thing about Bob's place and vice versa.

Just out of curiosity...what are the prices at Carlson Gracie Jr's academy?