Chicago Standup Training/Philipino

Where are some places in Chicago that I can train striking? Would love to go with a kick boxing program. I am REALLY interested in a GOOD Kali/Escrima/JKD type school where real world knife application and good striking is taught.

Ideal situation would be a JKD School with a Judo/BJJ brown-black belt teacher. REALLY want the knife stuff.

Thanks guys!


knoxville, call up active edge fitness in lansing 708-895-6542 talk to Chai, he can refer u to one of his friends that does some cool stick fighting and such...


Any more info? I am moving there in a month or two!


There has to be! There are 3 teachers here in the knoxville area alone that teach philipino Martial arts (Stick/Knife/striking)


There are some excellent pro boxers and kickboxers and instructors at Pow at 950 W. Washington. I believe they have Kali and knife stuff as well, but not sure. for sure, the emphasis is on hand to hand.


Knoxville, Dion Riccardo former Paul Vunak PFS instructor runs an academy in Oak Park.

It is five minutes from the city, it's called Victory martial arts. Your gonna be hard pressed to find somebody as well rounded and experienced as him.

Kali, escrima, kikcboxing and real good at submissions.

Dion Riccardo is having a free seminar in Orland Park on Saturday the 22nd, see my thread for details. He is also have a BJJ guy, and more. Not exactly sure who, but as I find out more information I will be updating the thread.

you have to check out Joe Goytia. Or look up everything you are looking for this guy does. everything.


Check out New Breed Chicago. While there is actually no JKD/Kali/Escrima that I'm aware of, the BJJ is great and everyone is pretty much Filipino or Asian in some form. There was a non-Asian yesterday, but I think he was looking for the Pilates class.

"There was a non-Asian yesterday, but I think he was looking for the Pilates class."


Intense Defense Systems, Joe Goytia. He runs the Total Fight Challenge and has a school which teaches exactly what you are looking for.