Chicago will be more dangerous than Gotham City next year


Is this real? Holy shit!!

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Yeah, that last one will be omitted once lightfoot starts getting threats from the entire city


Hahahahaha CLOWNworld

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Chicago doesn’t have enough crime?

You can always count on the helmet-wearing left to double and triple down on their stupidity.


January 2023 this takes effect.

Best part…if a violent offender is released then commits more violent crime, they get 48hrs before they can be re-arrested.

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But if nothing is illegal, there’s technically no crime.


That’s exactly how zero IQ democrats think. “We can’t bring crime rates down so faggots vote for us so we’ll just make all crimes legal. That way there is no crime statistics.”

Blah blah dirty leftist.

If OP is true, can someone explain to me the logic behind it?

Literally just explained it dumbass.

This is you reading non leftist threads:

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Doesn’t seem legit to me. There must be another reason

That’s what they want, that’s what they get. Boom

Nothing seems legit to you when you have to take your blindfold off and look at the world for what it is.

Chicago is a mess and everyone knows it. There are true believers who actually believe with an almost religious ferver, that the justice system is worse than the people it was established to regulate. That actually may be true there. The city is so overwrought with regulation and simultaneously with violent crime, it appears that a vacuum of leadership and integrity at almost every level of government has failed the citizenry completely

Exactly… Give them some time to think about what they’ve done. Real crime reform!

Thanks Obama!

Hilarious that mayor Beetlejuice goes overseas and tries to solicit business to come to the safe, secure and bustling downtown Chicago area. The ineptness and tone deaf rivals Bidens.

She’s worse than Biden. At least Biden isn’t openly crass. Beetljuice will call you a fuck face on network tv and scratch her balls while doing so.

“Give me the official Dem talking points so I can try to help spin this disaster.”