Chicagoland Area Private Lessons

How's it going guys?

I posted this using my brothers account several days ago, but it no longer is available, so I thought I'd post one last time for other who may be interested and did not get a chance to read the post.

I recently moved to Chicago and was wondering if anyone in the chicagoland area would be interested in private lessons in BJJ, MMA, and/or Muay Thai? I am under New Breed Academy (John Ouano/Johnny Ramirez) and the BJJ Revolution Team (Rodrigo Medeiros) in California, and have been training with the Carlson Team in Chicago.

I was thinking about $40 an hour ($70 for two hours) for either BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, or a combination. I would be willing to negotiate a discount if anyone would like to commit to set number of private lessons.

There is brief background information on myself at (click on "New Breed Academies Philippines") If interested, please e-mail me at and I could answer any of your questions and give you more details on my training and competition background. I can also be reached at 773-203-7300.

Good training!


bob schirmer does great private instructionals. you
can contact him at 708-222-8100