Chick can fight-Mexican Jerry Springer

Never heard of this show and it looks like absolute trash, but the girl in it was taking on all comers.

Tough girl

that scraps looks much more legitimate than most Jerry Springer brawls. That chick is just whooping' everyone...

But seriously? What is this? They let them go at it for a long time..


Like a toughman competition. Roll them bitches in there till she loses. Phone Post 3.0

Looks like a female broly Phone Post 3.0

Teach that broad an uppercut and we have a new champ. Phone Post 3.0

Harry Springer imo.

I'd like to know the backstory of what could be the greatest video I've seen in a while

Looked like a bas rutten protégé. Needs to learn to come up on top on the ground. Bonus points for the disrobing techniques.

que salga la desgraciada!

BTW, that chic was throwin' Rutten-esque palm strike combos.

girls got stamina much elapsed time was that video compressed down from? she got some breaks but fighting someone fresh each round is not joke.

Did I see a leg kick in there?? Haha

First chick was the best opponent and had awesome bouncing titties. Phone Post 3.0

25's baby's momma. Phone Post 3.0

La Reina de Pancrase!

CauliflowerCouture - Looks like a female broly Phone Post 3.0
Lol Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit!

That girl would fuck Rousey up!

Purple chick vs Rousey.... Dana make it happen. Phone Post 3.0

street fight record of over 400-0

gore313 - the show is called Jose Luis Sin Censura

some more fights

Joe Louis Uncensored?