Chick handles big haired doofus in fight

Is that Passive Jay’s son?

He will never know.



And those 10 seconds will ruin that little sleezeballs life. He will forever be known as the guy that “got his ass kicked by a girl”. But fuck him, he was trying to knee a 100lb girl in the face, he deserves every bit of ridicule he gets.

Little bit of Saenchai in that girl. Nice leg drag. She should’ve put her arms up and ran in a circle after.

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Can’t be, he displayed more athleticism in that 10 seconds than Jay has his entire life

I like how in the past 50 or so years we went from guys fighting and no one gave a shit, to guys shouldn’t fight, to guys fighting with girls and everyone stands around and chants.

Girls need to get beat up. Inclusion is not cherry picking it’s all or nothing. In a divorce and not remotely fair and have to hear woman crying equality. Well here it is

Was Todd Atkins there coaching him?