Chick in elevator has meltdown over someone not wearing a mask correctly

That chick can’t even control what goes in her body yet she makes terrible looking faces at every One of Jordan’s points.

It’s gross.


LoL… That’s funny. It is rather cultish. This video is from last year… the girls fear is crazy, but that’s what CNN promoted, until Biden got elected and it’s usefulness has passed.

I think a lot of people WANT to wear the masks because they like the anonymity of it. Kinda like cocking off behind an anonymous screen name :laughing:

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Sooooooo the smart thing to do was get both parties involved in yelling which forces more black death molecules out into the enclosed elevator.

Genius. Pure genius.

I think this plays a big role in it. Funny how we seem videos of criminals wearing COVID masks pretty routinely now. Must be worried about their safety while committing crimes…

Chick is schizophrenic and or bipolar manic depressive.

She is just a liberal, which is a disease unto itself.

Libtard Lunacy and mental illness on full display.


I like the name Libtard Lucy to describe them… kinda like the whole Karen thing… or blueanon…

So the media creates this irrational fear, and people like her get like this and become completely irrational…

But how long will she stay this way? What happens is people go so hard for their cause and what they think is right, that they make it difficult for themselves to ever try to open up.

What is the over under for that girl in terms of how long she’s going to live in fear and always wear a mask?

Ten years from this incident, over or under?

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Wow what a nut case
I bet she’s a firecracker in bed but would me too you if you didn’t call back

I think it should be Illegal for white girls to clap when trying to emphasize a point.

Just doesn’t look right!

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Anyone that claps like that regardless of race looks like a low grade piece of shit.


Of course. But it looks worse on a white chick.

I bet she has “cat mom” in her social media profile.


can’t find it but there’s a meme that says, “girls who clap when they argue and talk loud think they’re winning an argument and these are the women who listen to Cardi B”

Agreed, not scared of the pussies like that personally, just scared the damage they have already done to our country and the further damage they could do, remember a lot of them are voters