chicken hearts

i like these

anyone else?

I always look forward to the chicken hearts when I hit up a Brazilian BBQ

Had em at Brazilian BBQ, they're quite tasty.

Tastes okay, but a bit chewy.  I guess I haven't had them prepared right. 

reminds me of a Bill Cosby routine


My favourite food the way mom made them.

But my wife thinks they're gross, so no chicken hearts for me :(

Hell yea people. I pop those badboys in my mouth like candy. havent had any in a while though

hell yeah chicken hearts.....churascarias are the SHIZNIT


Haven't had one in ages. Great stuff.

I don't eat guts.

the correct term would be "innards"

Guts is guts.

I used to like the gizzards. What ever happened to gizzards?

I think you can still get gizzards