Chicken legs

I need help. I have a bad case of chicken legs. I've done squats, calf raises, dead lifts etc. Nothing seems to work. Father has chicken legs so I blame him. I'm open to certain "supplements" to help with this Phone Post 3.0

Not sure how to help, I was blessed with diesel getaway sticks... Maybe just accept you have pirate pegs and don't let it eat you up.

Or start mountain biking Phone Post 3.0

On the plus side, your dick probably looks bigger in dick pics. Phone Post 3.0

Run stairs, run hills, push sleds.

Yes genetics play a factor, but if you can't grow them you aren't trying hard enough Phone Post 3.0

I'm in the same boat, I've put muscle on but I still have long lean legs. Phone Post 3.0

Higher reps, always try to increase the volume of work & food. Phone Post 3.0

I have high points of insertion of whatever on my gastrocnemiuses and especially my soleuses. Seated calf raises and reverse calf raises for the anterior tibialis made a difference

That's how you make 205, son. Phone Post 3.0

Or just get implants like that MTV True Life dude


After 1 year:

"Basically I would work calves 2 days a week. Starting with seated calf raise 3x16 superted with standing bodyweight calf raise, focusing on the contraction and doing it really slow for 20 reps. After I finish the superset I do single leg calf raise, to focus on contraction. If I didnt feel like doing seated calf raise, I would do it on the leg press machine and if you feel its not enough volume, add more sets."

All the weight I put on goes to my upper body when lifting and stomach when I eat shitty. My lower half isn't growing for shit. I used to have boney chicken legs now j have mini calf chicken legs Phone Post 3.0

Dude in the pic had been doing some squats too. Hellooooow!

Depends on how old you are too. I had flamingo legs until my late teens to early 20's.

I'd add a healthy dose of bike riding into the mix as well if it's possible.  That helps develop the muscles around the knee - the bit which is exposed if you wear shorts.

Hikes up hills with a weighted backpack helps with the calves too. That and squats.  Keep your reps up, for instance pick a weight with which you can do 8-10 squats and work to do a total of 50-60 reps total in a workout.

if your legs aren't sore the day after a squat workout, you need to work harder.