Chicken playing piano on America's got talent,MAGA


WTFFF wow!

Holy shit

That nearly brought me to tears

His needs to work on his meter.

America's cluck talent 

that's the second loudest i've ever clapped for a chicken

That chicken is a fucking patriot. 

Nice cock


unoiwantsomkolad - That nearly brought me to tears

Lol amazing


I cant get my chickens to walk where i want them to go. How the hell did they make this work

more patriotic than Colin Kaepernick

TtT for the stoners.  They will love this act. 

Jack Carter -

lol what the hell

That chicken is MAGA.


Say there are 30 notes to play in the songs. Can you program the keyboard to store the notes of the song and then run the program so that each time any key is pressed, it plays the next note in the saved song? People know when the song is over so they they will cheer as if on cue, when the song is over anyway, regardless is the chicken keeps hitting keys.

If you can program the keyboard the way I described, then all you have to do is get the chicken to keep hitting keys by putting some small crumbs on the keyboard so the chicken will keep pecking.

In think that is a lot easier that literally teaching a chicken to play piano. "No! I said play the song in c major,  you were playing it in b flat minor you fucking chicken! What the fuck!?, we're going to be here all night until you get it right!"

The keys light up on whichever note is supposed to be played. He's fucking cheating.