Chicken pot pie is OK

I guess. I'm a vegetarian now but I used to like it, just not that much

 Pot pie with salt pepper and hot sauce. Perfect meal on a cold winter evening

Love those little boxed microwave ones when i was a kid.  I too am veg now.

Two people on this thread are spelling vagitarian wrong.  


Chicken Pot Pie in the winter or go fuck yourself.  45 minutes in the oven, another 45 minutes to cool off enough to get close to it. But after the absurd time frame, Chicken Pot Pie....mmmmm

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Oh man, our local Piggly Wiggly store makes them in their deli and they are great. I was never a pot pie fan until I tasted these. They are almost dinner plate sized. Crispy crust top and bottom, chunky chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes, gravy, etc. Can't beat it for a cold weather day lunch. They sell fried chicken too so probably use the leftovers to make these but damn they are good and just $3.49.