Chickens As Pets

This. 10000% this

Chickens bring rats EVERY time. You can’t put out a food source and expect to not have rats.

The only way I know to minimize rats is to raise the chickens in an elevated, mobile coop that gets relocated at least 2x’s/week. That way the rats don’t burrow.

The coop is absolutely drawing the rats, regardless of the city ordinances.

Fuck it bro. Get rat snakes, Owls, Rat Terriers, and a kickass 50 cal air rifle. Put a bounty on them for the kids in your hood. Start sellin rat burgers. Do it.

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Don’t forget a shit ton of traps…

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I was on your side until you started spouting off about anxiety problems and therapy chickens.


They don’t even eat the eggs. They say they other chickens do. If not they grab them, fry them up then feed the chickens. She has 4 hens total.

The letter from the city said something like, " City code does not let agricultural animals within 100 feet of existing neighbor. " It then says they have 21 days to file an appeal.

if raising chickens helps their anxiety, versus an old man’s irritation, I can’t help but to be on this side of things.

I can say honestly if it were reversed, my neighbor moves in, gets chickens and rats come, I’d understand. If the rats start digging in my yard I’d simply kill them myself. I 100% understand being annoyed. If the neighbor said they have crippling anxiety and it helps them, I’d buy them more chickens.

I will also help any soul on this earth with their mental problems if it’s in my power. It’s their anxiety versus his annoyance. No contest in my mind. I would work the same if it were reversed. I say that with all sincerity. Anxiety and depression suck the life out of a person. I help if I can.


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So basically she’s raising cannibal chickens that eat aborted chicken fetuses.


Get more cats or these dogs (I think they’re terriers?)

Or better yet, build a rat proof chicken coop. It’s the year 2021, this has to be possible.

Get a poison called “Just One Bite” I live in the country and have chickens. The mice are the problem here but we get the occasional rat. This stuff murders the bastards. Just keep it away from the chickens. Birds are dumb and will eat that shit. Good luck.

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That is giving me anxiety.

I call bullshit.

I thought you were banned…

I was given a 3 day freeze for calling the Williams sisters the ugly monkey bros.


Chickens as Pets is the name of my favorite Animals as Leaders tribute band.

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If the chickens give your ex and daughter - and you - peace of mind (some of us are forgetting that these past few years have been more stressful than usual), then appeal the decision and use ALL of the suggestions already made. However, Rat Terriers (or any dog) would involve an additional responsibility for your ex and daughter, unless the dogs should happen to take the place of the chickens as therapy pets.

You need to invest in a trap system that is designed for scale.

Think one of those larger ‘motel’ type traps you see around the back of restaurants, or the bucket trap mentioned above.