Chieck Kongo vs. Pat Barry GIF

 I screamed like a schoolgirl

You are a God.

Edit: Damn I thought this was a gif of Brittney and Glover.

 War Kongo !

WTF! look at Dan rush in and put his hands on Barry. Either stop it or dont!

holy shit i think i missed that during the fight. Fight definitely should have been stopped and the result should be changed. Dan fucked up this time

motorboater - oh wait i see brittany in the back


It gets better. He cuts it off too early.

Watching the GIF makes it clear to me: while Marg came in to stop the fight and did touch Pat before changing his mind, he had no effect on Barry's attempt to KO Kongo. So it's all fair IMO.


Good shit

smoogy - They're in the fucking GIF jerkass

Smoogy, you cut it too early. Brittney turns around horrified.

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lol you said jerkass.

Dan should be reprimanded, if you touch a fighter like that, he's going to ease up, even momentarily

In the gif it looks like Barry lets up for a split second then realizes Dan stepped back. I'm not a big fan of either but once the ref touched Barry the fight should have ended.

Made for a controversial but great finish tho!

Damn nasty ko.. Not a fan of either fighter so its great seeing both of them getting ktfo. Even if it was for just a split second Kongo was gone but congats on the win Phone Post

cyberc92 - WTF! look at Dan rush in and put his hands on Barry. Either stop it or dont!

He got in close and realized that Congo was still in it. Good job by Dan. Also awesome reaction by Brittney. Too bad for pat. He was looking good in this fight:( Phone Post

 Hmmmm yeah appears Dan did actually put both hands on Barry's back.

Not ideal.

Ah well, sometimes these things happen in MMA


 Ok another one due to popular jerkass demand

smoogy -  Ok another one due to popular jerkass demand

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LOL there we go. You are the man, smoogy. Thank you.