Chiefs vs. Bronco's

I like what our rookie WR Samie Parker showed us today.

Either Champ Bailey is overated or he had a bad game, got beat a couple times by mediocre WR's.

Just one of those games that nothing went right for Denver. Plummer has thrown more INT's than anyone this year, considering that it is amazing the Bronco's still have a winning record.

Larry Johnson appears to be the real deal, I'm surprised we've benched him this long, I think only 8 people have ever rushed for 2 g's in college & he is one of them. He plays tough and has people thinking we should trade Priest & have Larry take over full time, trade Priest & Tony & try to pick up some guys for defense. I'm for anything at this point, even if it means losing 2 of my favorite players.

I hate the attitude that some local media is actually wanting us to lose games so we have a better draft, I think it's ridiculous, plus whoever is in charge of drafting for the Chiefs is a complete dumbass because we always seem to fuck it up.

Champ is overrated, or he has been having "bad games" for the last few years.

I think people have just figured him out and know how to beat him. I would not be surprised it teams have specific plays in their offense to exploit his weaknesses.

Its a shame, I used to totally like him and I was sorry to see him released from the 'Skins, but we haven't missed a beat without him, plus we've gotten a runner who can do some damage.

3rd straight year of 1500 yards coming up!

Um, we got not pass rush. It doesn't matter how good of a corner you are if the D-line gives the QB 6 seconds to throw the ball. As I have said over and over. Twas in Sports Illustrated in one of the player poles they take, 98% of the players in the NFL say Champ is the best corner out there. I will say it again, when you get no pass rush, any corner will look like shit.


getting rid of Gonzalez AND Holmes would be a big mistake, and it would never happen. I doubt we'd consider trading either, which is fine with me. Would rather just show off Johnson a little more this season, and get a good trade from him.

Well the new rules in the NFL have had that effect on every corner. Not just Champ.

big mistake to trade your 24 year old running back and start a 30 year old running back. KC's defense needs big help fast & if takes trading 2 of my favorite players so be it.

I would not be against trading Priest Holmes, but Dick won't do it. He's showing off Johnson right now to use him as trade bait in the offseason to get some better defensive players. I think they were trying to do that with Blaylock, but Johnson has been outperforming him (and now Blaylock's hurt anyway).

As for Tony G...there is no way in hell that Dick would or should think about trading him. He brings so much to the team that it would be insane to trade him.

I think our defense is fine, we just need a new def. coach. {/sarcasm}