Child Support and Custody

I have a friend who's girlfriend has a baby from a previous relationship, and she recently filed for child support against the father. He's very unsupportive, gives something like 20 bucks a week, if that and only takes the kid on weekends, and most of the time he ships the kid off to his mother.

The father said all this nasty shit then said that if child support cost "too much" he would have to file for full custody as if its in the bag.

I think this is low. He's got nothing in his history to suggest he's a fit father and the mother is an excellent mother and takes care of her child very well.

the one thing I guess he's said he's done is taken pictures of a diaper rash the child has. Its not bad, but it happens pretty frequently. I looked it up and saw that its normal, he says hes going to use it as a way to show neglect on the mother's part.

I dont think any court would see this guy and what he's done, or not done, and what he has to say and take him seriously.

So who here knows the specifics of what might happen here?

Usually takes a little while to get traffic over here, but someone here might know something about it.  What state?


The guy has the right to file for full custody.

Is he going to get it based on a diaper rash? Probably not, he sounds like an idiot who is trying to threaten your girlfriend.

There are a lot of criteria that go into the custody decision so it's impossible to say exactly what's going to happen.

Here's the Mass website for child support enforcement:

I'd tell your girl to start recording how much this guy is giving her, and when and where she's dropping off the kid, ie is she dropping him off with the grandparents or dad, how long, etc.

He might be acting like it's "in the bag" because he knows something about her history that you don't.