Children of the Damned (Cover)

Hi-diddly-ho neighbourinos! Whipped this up today, I think it turned out alright!

I just got a BOSS MT-2 pedal and this is the first thing I've done with it. Pretty snazzy little pedal for some things, but for others I still prefer my amp's overdrive.

I'll be seeing Maiden again in June, pumped for that!

Regarding the Agile Hornet that I posted about awhile ago, I had a hot water tank crack and flood so I had to divert a large chunk of funds to that, but I'll get one eventually.

Welp, take care and thanks for listening! :)


I totally karaoked that for like 15 minutes.

lmao! Glad you enjoyed it! Hahaha My YouTube channel has a bunch of other covers, most of them have the lyrics in the vid description so by all means, belt it out man!