"children will die"- elliot page

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Exactly what I expect from the OG’s resident MAGAtards.

You know that feeling when you laugh at someone, then realize they are actually retarded and feel bad? Im sorry for laughing at you all these years.


It will be okay, crybaby.

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Meh. It seems to be a very “I know you are but what am I?” argument that you present.

I try to read news from as many sources as possible. I read and listen to everything from the majors like the CBC, CTV and global to smaller stuff like canadaland and I’ll even dabble over at the rebel.

There really isn’t a nonpartisan news source left in Canada in my opinion (or that I’ve found). Maybe Americans have one but I dont know enough about their news and politics to say that.

Both sides like to point the finger at one another and say look how crazy they are. Both sides also seem to have their fair share of crazies that can’t seem to think for themselves.

You talk about how the many of the right would blindly follow someone like trump no matter how stupid…sure I think you’re right. I’d counter that there are many on the left that would blindly mock whatever he said even if it was correct or intelligent. Political blindness doesn’t stop at the party lines.

Down there you had the quanons (or whatever they were called) up here the tru-anons. That guy could steal from some of his supporters and they’d still be down with him because it was for the environment or something…

It’s no different to fence sitters. You guys all look the same to us. Keep screaming in each other’s faces how wrong they are while the politicians (no matter their colour) keep stealing from us.

I’m talking about even social media.

How can “leftist” safe spaces online, social media and print media and broadcast media find a way to criticize Trudeau but almost no one on the right can criticize their own party’s ridiculous lies like the “stolen” election?

Why? Because it is more like a cult or religion than a political party. Facts don’t even enter into it.

There is no “both sides” to this. the American right is living in a total fantasy. And I had to google this… but one CNN guy said “tru-anons” once as a joke because he lives on twitter and thinks its the real world like a lot of journos.

Comparing it to QAnon is some bizarro shit, man. Do you have a clue what QAnon is?

Look, it’s well known that preventing people from competing in sports kills children.

its a miracle how children have survived so many centuries without the help of trannies in sports