Chimaev 10 fights 2 titles GOAT, 1 year

After he puts the old dawg Maia down, he will be 4-0 in UFC. Then 1 more and title at 170. 6-0. Then a defense. 7-0. Then a super fight at 185 title bout. 8-0. 2 defenses. 10-0.

1 fight every month. He would be easy GOAT after this accomplishment.



Will never happen because as he goes up in competition he will get more time between fights 

They’re already talking about booking him before Maia. After his last performance I could see him getting a top ten. Then if he loses he falls back to the Maia fight. Or he just fights him anyways because he’s honest when he says he’ll fight that much. And If he wins the top ten fight he fights for the title. If he does that in one weight division Dana will give him the Champion of the other. 


5 fights he could be double champ. 

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Chimaev saying Wonderboy is next on Twitter. He'll rip a body part off WB.