Chimaev ditching Sweden for UAE, training with Kadyrov

In MMA, changing sports citizenship is an extremely rare and not the most discussed phenomenon. Among professionals, national team tournaments are not held, and many fighters even consider themselves to belong to several countries at once. Thus, Valentina Shevchenko entered the fights with the flags of Kyrgyzstan and Peru, Aljamain Sterling - the USA and Jamaica, two countries are actually represented by Israel Adesanya, a native of Nigeria, who moved to New Zealand at a young age.

Against this background, the situation with Khamzat Chimaev stands apart, who, after many years of playing for Sweden, chose to defend the colors of the UAE. The athlete’s manager, Maidi Shammas, informed the SVT portal about this decision. According to him, the 29-year-old athlete left Scandinavia a few weeks ago and moved to the Middle East. However, he did not specify why he took such a step.

It is possible that the reason for this was a series of incidents with the public burning of the Koran in Sweden. Since the beginning of the year, several similar actions have been held in the country, which caused an angry reaction from Muslims. Nevertheless, the authorities refused to intervene in this situation in any way and did not introduce a ban on the public destruction of sacred religious books, as they did in Denmark.

The change of citizenship will obviously affect Chimaev’s training process. The fighter has already published a photo with the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, from the Akhmat MMA gym, where he may well settle down. After all, now we can’t count on returning to the Stockholm Allstars. Thus, he will prepare for the upcoming battle with Paulo Costa under new conditions. And it will be extremely interesting to see how this will affect his performance.

but western media told me Kadyrov was in coma! they couldn’t lie could they

Chimaev showing how great Muslims integrate in Western countries ha ha. “Some people burned The Coran, so I’m leaving the country that I spent nearly all my life, gave me all these opportunities, friends, coaches and partners. So long, idiots”. Yeah, I’m sure it will help the Swedes want even more Muslim immigrants



His team in Sweden was okay but I’m not sure if being a stooge to Kadyrov is going to lead to him making the most of his career either… could impact the outcome of the Costa fight depending on who exactly he is training with.

damn that must be so frustrating for the swedish.


He should’ve taken many others with him.

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I hope his training in UAE regresses him and Paulo pins his ears back and takes him for a walk.