China continues world domnation

Chinese foreign minister takes cooperation tour to Guinea-Bissau

Wed Jan 3, 1:38 PM ET

BISSAU (AFP) - China's Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing arrived in the central African nation of Guinea-Bissau for cooperation talks during a seven-nation tour reflecting heightened Chinese interest in Africa.

Li Zhaoxing, who was met at Bissau airport by his counterpart Antonio Isac Monteiro, was to see President Joao Bernardo Vieira and sign a protocol to build on existing cooperation projects, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

China, one of Guinea-Bissau's main trading partners, has an interest in the poor and small country's fishing products and cashew nuts and plans to give it a 60-million-dollar loan for the next agricultural season, which starts around next March, the ministry said.

China has already helped the former Portuguese colony to construct several public buildings, including a new parliament premises for the national assembly and a hospital at Canchungo, 100 kilometres (60 miles) to the north of Bissau.

Last year it also donated 800,000 dollars (607,000 euros) to enable the country to host a summit of Portuguese-speaking countries.

This year is it has promised to build a new headquarters for the government and to boost cooperation in the agricultural sector.

Li, who has already visited Benin and Equatorial Guinea, was later to visit Chad, the Central African Republic, Eritrea and Botswana.

China is keen to gain access to Africa's massive raw material reserves to feed the breakneck growth seen in its own economy. In doing so it has been criticised for dealing with countries such as Sudan and Zimbabwe spurned by the West for human rights abuses.

China's President
Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao each took separate trips to Africa in 2005, returning home with a slew of energy and other business deals.

Such deals have punctuated a recent Chinese courtship of Africa that culminated last month in a China-Africa summit in Beijing drawing top leaders from more than 40 African countries to the Chinese capital.

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China needs raw resources as they develop. So they're doing what the first world nation's have done which is to
give loans and donate money so they can't something they want which is raw materials. They're assisting some countries to build their infrastructure just like the Brits used to build railroads to take out raw materials from their colonies abroad.

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"again HELWIG shows his total and absolute stupidity "

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"again HELWIG shows his total and absolute stupidity"

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"keep laughing and electing guys like Bush. And don't forget to brush up on your Mandarin."

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Damn, relax dude. Those are multinational companies with no loyalty to their country of origin. Yes I seem to understand globalization a bit better than you do. I did a lot of reading about it over the past several months.

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"they're fucking unstoppable, just too many of them"

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I read Global Issues, The Coming Anarchy, and The World is Flat, and took an upper division class on globalization. The readings presented a wide variety of opinions and analysis. I also watched several documentaries over the course of the class. I learned a lot.

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