China is using private equity firms to buy out all real estate and cause a market bubble

Tucker doesn’t say it’s China but if you look hard enough at who’s funding those equity firms you will find out. They are waging economic warfare by abusing US laws in regards to foreigners being allowed to own real estate. They then let them sit on the market as rentals, driving up prices of houses because none are available.

I was talking about this a year ago.


I thought Black Stone was buying the real estate.

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Private equity firms. You missed that part. A private equity firm is funded by private sources.

It costs 200 bands to live in a Surrey Trailer park now :joy::joy:


The kids


Non citizens shouldn’t be allowed to own property


But that’s exactly the problem. And the politicians are either blind to this or are willfully ignorant because they are being lobbied and paid off to keep it this way.


Yep. I know many people that told me how it’s happening in Canada.

So what?
This is how new development communities and towns get built.

I keep hearing this from fringe outlets but home ownership is still 66%. The highest it’s ever been is just shy of 70%. It’s been very stable over the past 60 years.

I’m not buying the hype.

In my experience, this is true. I was just searching for rentals and not one house on Zillow listed was being rented by an actual person or real estate agent. All of them were being advertised by “groups”

And I live in a good sized well known area.

That’s what you fuckin get EFM

You fuckin Muppet

bc added a speculation and vacancy tax.

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My case is anomalous, but on my block the Chinese have purchased 5 homes and 3 are rented out. There are maybe 14 houses on the block. It’s a big university town and my block directly abuts university property by married student housing and the university farms/gardens. There’s a ratty little Chinese dude that manages them. This has all happened in the past 4 years. Before that they were all owner occupied.

Couple that with Obama and our local liberal politicians installing high density section 8 housing 5 blocks away, and what used to be an all faculty neighborhood that was upper scale for this town has really fallen fast in the past 8 years. There are shootings around here almost every weekend, thanks to black males between the ages of 15-30. Some fucker tried to car jack me as I was pulling out of my driveway a few months ago. I called the cops and they lost interest when I gave a physical description.


The cops didn’t even bother to come and speak to me.

It’s a local joke when we talk about the Chinese students driving poorly in their 6 figure automobiles.

smart but not enough. needs to be on a federal level. its fucking ridiculous this is straight up corruption.

They purchase just enough to control the market prices.

When you have a price increase in housing, investor speculation naturally increases. This is no different than what happened around 2006.