China quarantine --traveling from an area with infections/cases. Red light Green light

This will be interesting.

There is no vaccine for omicron. It’s still in phase 2 trials.

This has nothing to do with covid and everything to do with compliance and control.
China is the blue print of the globalist’s /WEF’s great reset.


I made another thread about mass testing, including people being tested 7 times in one day and being tested more than once several days in a row.

Chinas Saving face culture is destroying it self

Heard another example.

People traveling for vacation are tested every day.

Sometimes twice a day, it is actually part of and factored into vacation travel and the groups/companies that help.

Testing (in Wuhan) icurrently is once every 48 hours…

Heard about some folks up north getting mandatory testing everyday.

I did not realize or appreciate check points when crossing zones.

Heard about someone coming back from an area for furniture shopping being stopped at one of the testing sites waiting for 3 hours in line.

Yes, areas can be sectioned off. Its kind of a pain in the ass