China surrounds Taiwan for massive invasion ‘rehearsal’ drills

Syria is still a hotbed…you’ve got the Yankees in Syria, Russia, Iran and its proxies and Israel all there too.
This situation is becoming volatile.
Oh, and keep an eye on the Balkans this summer

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It might also have to do with the fact China knows the US and NATO doesn’t have many more missiles and munitions left after giving everything to Ukraine.


I doubt its posturing. Russia just invaded a country and the world had done virtually nothing. When China does the same the world will continue to do nothing.


Tibet, Hong Kong… then Taiwan, Yellow Sea, North Sea

You cant dominate the world and have little dicks lol

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It’s both. Honestly if you wanted to attack america or one of our close allies, can you imagine a better time to do it? Think about all this…

-What are the odds we have a less competent commander in chief in the next ~20 years?
-we’re giving away all our arms and treasure to a corrupt Eastern European country on the other side of the world because half our politicians are…checks notes…still mad at Russia because Trump.
-our aforementioned CiC has voluntarily walked us directly into a recession.
-half our politicians are heavily invested in making sure men can pretend to be women, making sure teachers can teach kindergartners about men pretending to be women, and guaranteeing women have the right to execute children they conceived.
-and this is all happening after we spent two years Destroying our economy and hamstringing our children, all on account of a virus that is really only dangerous to old and fat people.

It’s totally bananas. We couldn’t create a more prime opportunity for our enemies to attack if we tried.

250 years from now students will learn about this last two years and be amazed that we did all this stupid shit to ourselves.


You want to know how to stop chinese warships?

Put them in the water.

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Another proxy war for Joe to drag the US into. I wonder how many billions we’re going to give Taiwan?

In for the calls to “Cancel China” being ignored because it isn’t about humanity when money is involved.

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Chinas new aircraft carrier, the Shanghai Lebron has been spotted off the coast.

Chinas aircraft carrier is akin to a Ford pinto.

No way in Hell Biden touches anything to do with China.

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