China will be the next superpower unless...

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China will be the next superpower.

Here is the reason why.
China's core value-> Unity of Chinese People
America's core value-> Individual Freedom

The sacrifice of individual freedom -> Unity
Individual Freedom->Divisiveness

Unity vs. Divisiveness - According to history, unity always defeats divisiveness.

America is more divided than ever today, and other countries that rely on America to protect them from countries like China and Russia are turning their backs against us. 

Why do you think the majority of Chinese people still reveres Mao even after committing mass murder of his own people? By sacrificing millions of his own people, Mao envisioned creating unified China that could possibly rule the world for the next thousands of years to come. Because of what Mao did, China is stronger than ever because the nation is united. Now, China stands toe to toe against America, and we are going to be in big trouble (if we are not in one already) unless we start uniting ourselves.

Chinese are well aware of what divisiveness can bring to the nation because they recently experienced it. Japan took advantage of its divisiveness and decimated parts of China in the 1930s. Thank God for China that the US intervened and took care of Japan. Now, China turned its back against us, ungrateful as they are. But this phenomenon is not exclusive to China; almost every damn country that received aid from the US is ungrateful. "America only helped us because it wanted to get something from us and had an ulterior motive!" Yeah, that maybe, but that is still better than your country being colonized or annexed by another.

Yes, the US commits a fair amount of atrocities throughout the world, but can't you see the reason why? We are going against an opponent that breaks every rule in the book. China doesn't care about diversity, China only cares about Chinese people. If it benefits China, it will do anything, literally, anything, including mass genocide. When you are fighting an opponent on steroids, breaking every rule, how do you expect to win by playing fair?

I don't know how many of you guys are fans of the original Twilight Zone series, but I would like to recommend you guys to watch an episode titled "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street." Chinese are sitting back, sipping on their glass of wine, watching us destroy ourselves. 

For Trump haters: It doesn't matter if you hate Trump, he is still our leader! You can hate him all you want in your mind but stop revealing our weakness to the real enemy! Chinese are laughing at you, laughing at us because it's just a matter of time before we destroy ourselves! Unless we become united as one nation, we will never beat China!

We are at WAR against China! Stop fighting in the forest, climb up to the mountain peak, and fight the real enemy. If China becomes the next superpower, good luck SJWs, good luck ANTIFA, now you get to face a real fascist country. See how heroic you are when your lives are at risk. 

Sorry, I love America so much that I get a bit emotional... Let's be united and win this war against China and... God Bless America!

(I usually write one long message when I have time, so please feel free to discuss without me.)

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America is the only country with military bases surrounding the globe and have attacked sovereign nation's and destroyed them. They are the aggressors, not China.

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I was in China. It's basically a copy of the US the humble days of communism are over. At least in the big cities.

China is gettin their micro cock ready to fuck you up

Most of the world has a more collectivist philosophy than the USA, so that's not unique to China. Continental Europe (other than the germanic countries), Latin America, Japan, etc., they are all very much more concerned about the collective good than the Anglo Saxon world. Just as an example, expropriation of property is an extreme measure in common law countries and only happens for things like highway construction, but is very common in civil law countries.

It will more likely be India that's the next super power.. especially with their very strategic position in the world and an emerging middle that all speak English.. I agree with you though how can the west compete while we're discussing the rights of trans athletes and female front line soldiers, China is simultaneously using slave labour and bullying other nations to get ahead lol but don't forget that China hasn't been in a war since the opium wars so they would likely blunder any attempt unlike the US who's never not been in conflict haha 

China’s core value is losely what you describe, Bobby but the US’ sole value is the number on the green bill. Muh Freedom muh ass.
The US being divided is the result of cynical, apathic, opportunistic or downright diabolical elites just selling out or helping their co-ethnics. And nobody needs the “protection” of the big, rude cowboy.

Most Chinese don’t love Mao. But they understand that you can’t tear down national icons. That kind of fundamental wisdom has been taken from all White people. The Chinese are on a run because we have not only stagnated but gone backwards. They are not grateful because only a child thinks the US did anything out of duty or “love for freedom”. The empire of Japan would have become immensly powerful in a couple of years, so a few cold blooded politicians went all-in to crush a rising red sun. I can’t condemn that necessarily but misdescribing it as an act of justice is wrong on too many levels.

Nobody cares about diversity. It never was a boon having all kinds of cultures across the street. It takes a steady stream of propaganda 24/7 for decades to even entertain such throughts. Nobody believes that apart from brainwashed Whites and no White ever believed that until the start of the 70s (starting with brainwashed students). China is powerful precisely because it is not diverse. That’s why elites insist on fucking it up, beginning with the usual complaints. Conversely, the US was the most powerful when it was an non-diverse as possible.

Finally, I don’t even understand what playing it fair would mean on a global scale? How many Disney and Marvel movies must I watch to become that woke? The Chinese don’t care - just like our elites.

China is not on the same level as us military wise. The US Air Force is the largest Air Force (by far) in the world…in second place is the US Navy.
Think about that.

They cannot feed themselves.

Its pretty hard to bully the “world” when they feed you .

End of thread china is a boogeyman made to scare the average person into accepting high taxes, tarrifs and a host of other bull shit socialist crap by the state. Their excuse “China scary” is why we need all these BS regulations and taxes

China isn’t the problem our own government is