China's own Crimea

Like eastern Ukraine, northeastern Myanmar has ethnic compatriots of this powerful neighbour.

The Kokang seem to have more competent footsoldiers than the government, though they obviously don't have tanks and planes (they reportedly have anti-aircraft weapons though).

So would China consider supporting them? There have been some calls from within the country to do this.


Okay, they probably won't.

China has a standing policy of "not interfering in others' domestic affairs". Because it doesn't want others to interfere with Taiwan or Tibet.

Then again, China doesn't have many allies these days.. and like the Ukraine, Myanmar has been reaching out to the West.

If China had (or obtains in the future) a more militant administration, that sort of thing could happen.

If they did it five years ago, I don't think anyone would have noticed so long as they were at least a bit sneaky about it. Too late now. Phone Post 3.0

Interesting that China is supressing coverage of this in their media, even though tens of thousands of refugees are crossing their border.