Chinatown Brawl

This happened at a pho restaurant in TO a couple weeks ago, didn't see it posted elsewhere

Blue namer please:

Guy at 10 seconds has been arrested. Also, the asian girl has some skills

For another view, with a far more annoying cameraman:

That chick caught a plate square in the nose. Haha. Phone Post

Haha hilarioys Phone Post


There's a Pho soup place at Dundas and Spadina, open 24 hours.

We went there once after the bar. My friend Toby walked out to make a call and returned a few minutes later, eyes wide with disbelief. "There are some dudes out there in a sword fight."

I thought he was full of crap, but a few minutes later some Asian dudes walked past the window with their shirts hanging in tatters.

Asians + late night Pho = crazy. It's scientifically proven.

here you go

and the other one

Damn, that girl who pounded the blonde came to bang!

in for asian fun Phone Post

For after work

Let em bang bro Phone Post

Now we will see the black haired girl with a Mohawk yelling "Let Me Bang Bro-Ette"! Phone Post

In Phone Post

whose that white blonde asian?

In Phone Post

Plate-thrower couldn't have planned that better.

Looks like he got 2 broads with one plate.

Classy guy...

Oh god they were chanting WSHH at the end Phone Post

Later Phone Post