Chinese Girl Next-to-Last in Class. Dad Is Very Unhappy

Ding Yanqing, a professor at Peking University, said on social media that his daughter, a pupil at Peking University Primary School, is at the bottom of her class in terms of academic performance.

“I tutored her every day. But she still finds it difficult to study. There is a big gap between her scores and that of the second-last student,” Ding said in a video he released last month on TikTok.

“I am at a loss: this is destiny. I can’t do anything about it,” Ding said.

Ding, who obtained his bachelor’s degree from PKU and received his PhD degree from Columbia University in New York, called himself a “wonder child” and claimed that he could memorise a Chinese dictionary by the time he was six. His wife also graduated from PKU.
“My daughter is definitely not a wonder child. Her IQ is far lower than both of us."

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