Chinese Guy Builds ROBOT ARMY!!!!

 Eater brings us the story of one Chinese restaurateur who is cutting his labor costs by building an army of noodle-making robots that can hand-slice (or machine-slice?) noodles and dump them into a pot of boiling water. That all sounds fine and well, but we'll probably be rethinking that when the robot apocalypse begins and we realize we've armed these things with sharp objects. The restaurateur, Cui Runguan, seems unhinged by that admittedly remote possibility. The machine, called the Chef Cui, each cost about $2,000, and Runguan thinks they're the future of sliced noodle restaurants. If their price produces sticker shock, compare that to the cost of a chef, which clocks in at about $4,700 a year.



Does it make wfa noodles? Phone Post


I for oe welcome our WFA.