Chinese McDonald's bans black people

Thanks Trump!

McDonald's apologizes after restaurant in China bans black people



Published Tuesday, April 14, 2020 10:07AM EDT

BEIJING, CHINA -- U.S. chain McDonald's has apologized after a sign telling black people they were banned from entering a branch in southern China prompted outrage online, following reports of discriminatory treatment towards Africans in the city.

Tensions have flared between police and Africans in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou after local officials announced a cluster of COVID-19 cases in a neighbourhood with a large migrant population.

As the row escalated, posts widely shared online showed a sign at fast food chain McDonald's saying black people were not allowed to enter the restaurant.


The chain apologized and a spokesman for McDonald's told AFP that the notice was "not representative of our inclusive values".

In an emailed statement, McDonald's said it removed the sign and temporarily closed the Guangzhou restaurant "immediately upon learning of an unauthorized communication to our guests."

Several Africans have told AFP they had been forcibly evicted by police from their accommodation, refused service at shops and restaurants, and were subject to mass testing and arbitrary quarantines.

The row has also prompted a diplomatic flurry, with ambassadors and envoys from more than 20 African countries meeting assistant foreign minister Chen Xiaodong on Monday.

Chen promised at the meeting to "lift the health management (measures) on African people, except the confirmed patients", according to a foreign ministry statement.

He said the Guangdong government is "constantly taking measures to improve" and act "according to the principle of non-discrimination".

The statement said Chen asked the envoys to "look at the big picture of China-Africa friendship."

Diplomatic sources told AFP a number of African countries had written a joint letter to the foreign ministry, which condemned the "discrimination and stigmatisation of Africans" in China, but had not yet sent it.

Guangzhou's U.S. consulate issued an alert on Saturday advising African-Americans to avoid travel to the city due to the targeted crackdown, and the U.S. accused Chinese authorities of "xenophobia" toward Africans.

Beijing has also accused the U.S. of using the row for political purposes to "drive a wedge" between China and Africa.

A total of 111 African nationals in Guangzhou have tested positive for COVID-19, including 19 imported cases, said the city's executive vice mayor on Monday, according to Xinhua.

He said that 4,553 Africans had undergone nucleic acid testing in Guangzhou since April 4.

But city officials said on Sunday that 4,553 African nationals are currently living in Guangzhou -- suggesting every African registered in the city has been tested.

First they give Kyle Larson the sponsership boot for saying the "N" word, then they ban black people from eating their shitty food. 

Whats the world coming too.......? 

I thought pooppoop said everything goes in China. I wanna visit a McDonalds, ok. Cause I'm white. 

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I posted about this the other day. Of course leftists here ignored it because their China who they worship like a god does nothing wrong ever.

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What are a bunch of Africans doing in China, anyway?

it's funny the media concentrates on McDonald's chain in China which is Chinese ownerd....

but completely ignores all the AFricans getting kicked out of their housing all over China

Fake news! China was given a seat on the UN Human Rights Council last week. This couldn't possibly happen there. To suggest China is racist is....errrr....fuck, they don't cover this one in the leftist/globalist playbook. 

TF?  I didn't even know there were black people in China. 

Im sure the sjws are all over this!!

David@accu -

I posted about this the other day. Of course leftists here ignored it because their China who they worship like a god does nothing wrong ever.


America is xenophobic

The signs I saw said "all foreigners"
Taken from the article:


But similar scenes are playing out across Beijing and the rest of China. One Mexican restaurant popular with expatriates posted a sign saying foreigners could no longer enter. Entire alleyways have blocked non-Chinese people from entering. Fitness facilities have done the same. A repair person told a Globe reporter that he would not do home service calls for foreign residents.


Also, why are there people saying that leftists "worship China"?

Is the context here that the media in the US is reporting violence/discrimination against Asian Americans because Trumps said "China virus"?  therefore, they're worshipping China?

Also, fuck most leftists since they have their head up their asses. 

If I was African in China I'd keep my mouth shut. Don't want to end up like the Muslims and rounded up into "re-education camps".

And to think that McDonalds fired their sponsorship of Kyle Larson for using the n word during an online video game. Maybe we should all skip McDonalds for this. After all, the punishment doesn't have to fit the crime...

and what exactly was the consequence and punishment by McDonalds for this event?