Chinese takeout hack!

So fried dumplings are a pretty classic appetizer to order when you're ordering Chinese food. Most places give you 6, sometimes 8 dumplings. The price is usually around 5-6 bucks.

Want to know how to save nearly 50% for equal or maybe even slightly more food (and have it be a tad healthier too)?!

Order a large wonton soup. If you don't actually want the wonton soup, pour the container into a strainer. You'll be left with 6-8 wontons (steamed dumplings) with a slight glaze of soup broth. Cost: 3.50!


TravenBJJ - never had wonton soup with 6 to 8 wontons in it

Shit, sorry Pete. I guess it's only at my place. They are extremely generous with the amount of wontons they give.

6 Late Hammerfists -

Even cheaper way to do it is to go in swinging and not let up

you better know kung fu... selling wontons ain't no joke


Owner charges killer ¥20 for a bowl of noodles, which killer says is too expensive and he chops owner's head off out of anger.