Chipotle Has Raised Its Prices to Cover Higher Employee Wages

Why do conservatives hate poor people so much? I’ve never understood it.

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Why do liberals love criminals so much? I’ve never understood it.

Why do poor people hate themselves so much, that they never acquire a skill or an education?

They’re poor you say?

They’re black?


Guess what, here is what schools have in olace to ensure opportunities…

Before school day starts

  • Transportation
  • Disability? Small bus available
  • Mom doesn’t cook breakfast? Didn’t use the stamps to buy Pop Tarts? School will provide you a free breakfast.

At school

  • Learning disability? Special education teachers
  • Free tutoring before, during and after school
  • School counselors in case you need to talk
  • School nurse in case you have medical issues
  • Free lunch since your mom/dad won’t pack you one
  • Free sports
  • Free coaching
  • ESL classes if English is not first l gauge

Beyond high school

  • First 2 years college free
  • Financial aid makes it so these kids come out $5-$7k ahead their first 2 years. Getting paid to go to school.
  • bridge programs for all the little dipshits that never bothered to learn during high school
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You must live in Arkansas with that mentality

Jesus, you sound dumber than usual. Way to pack a single post with a litany of logical fallacies. It would impressive if you did it on purpose. However, it’s probably a result of you being an idiot.

No math! Outrage!!!

Nope. I’ve always been sexy as fuck.

PM pics please. For research…