chlororquine, dosage

David@accu -

You guys do what you feel is necessary for you and yours. But I am going to be that guy that says you are fucking with stuff you really know nothing about. Your getting it "from a guy on the net". Yeah maybe the last couple times he got what was ordered. There also wasn't a crisis worldwide. What stops this "seller" from putting saline in a bottle or give you primaquine instead? Did you know some of this stuff has side effects depending on your race?

An overdose of the real stuff can easily kill you if you have undiagnosed heart issue. It can send you into seizures and probably some other awful shit I don't care to look up. 

Please be careful.

Please remember. Choroquine is a drug in ABUNDANCE. There is no need to hoarde it or even get it yourself. Every hospital probably has a huge surplus because of Malria scares from Mosquitos of yester years. If that is actually saving people and you end up in the hospital the chance is you will get some.