Choi Doo-Ho married

Glad to see his face healed up

That's one lucky gal.

My man Do Ho. Fuck he looks great.


Rogan must be so heartbroken 

Sensei Milla 209TT -


This fucking app

Cub is going to steal his bitch. 

I bet he is the one asian with a big hog

2, 1

Funniest lookinng killer ever!

hes cuter

The kid is looking good in a tux. The kid is finally making the big commitment. The kid found him a dime piece. NOW THE KID ROCKED CUB!!!!

thanks for the fights superboy....that swanson fight was the first time in a while id yelled at the screen...the korean fighters are startin to make noise. kz,dhk,choi..really cool.

Probably the most unassuming killer ever.

shes hot...perfect looking asain. Good for him. Who doesnt lovd that guy

Could He possibly cause a Beatlemania effect among male fans? If he ever fights in San Fran, he'll have to run to the fighter van.

On his wedding night, hes going to live up to his first name, hopefully repeatedly 

I wonder if he knows that when translated into English his name means copulating with women who have unsavory character and large appetites for sexual intercourse.

DanChow - Doo Ho Choi vs. Renan Barao Headlines In Kansas City
Oh hell yea. That would be a big win for our hero.