Choked out my roomy today

I was getting sick of the lil fuckers mouth... I HATE sneaky lil Weasles !!! Fuck'em he deserved it !!!

Got escourted out of the house by the cops however the good news is the lil weasle didn`t press assault charges.

Fuck'em, I`m still having a great day !!!

LMAO@Randy!! So I take one of you are going to find a new spot to live.

LOL!!! Ya kinda looks that way ;)

It was all worth it Nathan.

Edited; so I don`t glorify violence ...;)

I HATE Weasles !!!!!! ;)

what did he do?

It's what you did to his body afterwards that has me worried. And yet your actions are still not as bad as me typing Dan Henderson's name as Dave Henderson. Last time I buy crack from Dougie.

You know, the kinda shit little weasle snake fackers do when your not around to babysit them.

That wasn't crack Andy. That was chalk. Stop snorting it ok?

That was you that caused the commotion down Baseline??