Chokes and depression

Alot of people like to bring up that head trauma leads to depression and other neurological probelms a good example is many studies they do on suicidial palyers in the nfl. I for some reason just speculation though believe that chokes are pretty bad for you as well.

For starters every mma athlete that i have come across in my life is dpressed and down about their life to some extent, some may not be but in my experience i have met alot that are pretty down abotu the way their lvies are going(ufc vets and pride vets included) So it is not an issue of a poor career.

Another thing that is unrelated but i notice that alot of blackbelts that i hae met seem to age very very fast, ive met numerous guys who have been doing jiu jitsu their whole lvies and are like 35 and have all gray hair which leads me to believe chokes have a real negative effect ont he body.

I am just speculating for the most part but i am real curious about this matter and would like to hear your insight.

Also if anyone has any good literatur ethey can bring to the table i would lvoe to read some facts regarding this matter

Sorry for the FRAT but i believe this is something worth the read and discussion

As for fighters being depressed, i'd say alot of them have issues which lead to them becoming fighters in the first place, and head trauma can increase your chances of being depressed. But as for chokes I can't see why that would be true, I think your brain needs to be starved of oxygen for like 2 minutes for damage to happen (Don't know if I'm right?).

If you add up all the seconds a fighter is choked in his career, im sure it is well over 2 minutes.

"If you add up all the seconds a fighter is choked in his career, im sure it is well over 2 minutes."

lol. This is obviously a troll. I don't think that there is cumulative damage from chokes.

Maybe this is a troll, but the brain has to be DEPRIVED OF OXYGEN FOR 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT I would imagine..

i think getting choked out rarely happens in Jiu Jitsu since most people tap.

Now although MMA is still way safer than say Boxing, both sports have the risk of their players suffering concussions/trauma to the head which AT THE END OF THE DAY, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU IGNORANT FUCKS SAY, IS BAD FOR YOU TOUGH GUY

its probably more linked to exertion for ji jitsu rather than head trauma.

Its a hard sport, takes a lot out of you.  Most wrestlers stop after college.

this is not a troll at all noone has yet to prove to me chokes are not cumilative i am jsut curious abotu the subject

Depression can not be cause by neurological "trauma" from chokes and loss of blood flow to the brain.


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"Helio is still alive you dumbfuck"

Todd, I think he was being sarcastic, calm down haha. How did the fight go?

"But depression is everywhere. Like half the population of the US is on some form of mood stabilizer."

Correct. Just about everybody deals with the blues once in awhile. People in earlier times were merely busy trying to survive to suffer from depression.

Depression like many other things is related to increased/decreased blood flow to specific parts of the brain. Chokes decrease blood flow to the brain. Does that mean the later can cause the former. It's impossible to say without running well controlled studies. I think most people would concur, however, that someone who repeatedly gets choked out is placing their brain at more risk than someone who does not make a habbit out of it.

uhm....depression and blood flow....where did you find this out at?

depression deals the "chemical's" of the brain and at times imbalances, or cognitive dispositioning of emotions and people not knowing how to handle things.

thus the medications people take.

just like for anxiety issues, and SSRI's which aid with seratonin restriction

The risk of aneurism's is defenitely heightened and increased due to being choked, and for a person that genetically is pre-disposed to this it can happen.

Certainly can be some other potential long term effects which have not been documented. wonder itf anyone is currently doing a scientific study on this.

this is a good topic but some people are in denial of even the possibilities os such effects , and downplay the whole thing.

I agree, when i cant make my wife choke... i get depressed...

"or they just didnt talk about it and drank a lot "


I don't know if it means anything, but Brian Johnston claims that he suffered his stroke after suffering a blood clot to his brain while grappling. He says it happened as a result of someone putting a can opener/ neck crank on him, a freak occurance.