Choosing ethnicity in applications

From what I've read, being of Hispanic/Latino decent increases one's chances of acceptance into a school more so than being of Asian/Pacific Islander decent. So if someone from the Philippines wanted to give themself an edge, it would make more sense to choose the Hispanic/Latino category rather than the Asian/Pacific Islander category since many people from the Philippines technically fall under both categories being that a lot of the people there are from Spanish decent.

My question is this -- for my LSAT, I had marked Asian/Pacific Islander as my ethnicity. Now that I'm filling out applications, I'm considering marking Hispanic/Latino. Is there a possibility of facing any repurcussions (sp) for this? The dicrepancy between what I marked for the LSAT and what I plan on marking for the applicatios is what worries me.

The same tactic got me into Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in '94...admittance was tough. I had originally listed Asian but later submitted an 'addendum' to my application stating that my grandfather was a full-blooded Spaniard and would therefore like to change my ethnicity to Spanish. Not sure if this is allowable in the law school admission process.

The Air Force Officer school would've washed you out on your spelling.


spanish = euro

LOL - my wife is a Filipina, and she's applying to law school in here in MS - she marked "Asian" on her app after being told by a former judge (in the firm she's currently working at as a paralegal) who is on faculty at the law school that Asians are *very* rare at Mississippi College - Hispanics are much more frequent ;-)

Of course, I had to tease her gently about that, as her favorite T-shirt is one from a Filipino company that has a picture of a small box with a checkmark in it next to the word "Other."  :-P