Chris, about next Bushido

Chris, I am hearing that the Feb. 15 Bushido will take place in
Osaka at Osakajo Hall. That would rock because it is only 15 min.
from my house. Is that true? I figured you might know since you
are competing for sure.

I am looking forward to seeing your next fight. You were super
slick and technical in the last Bushido. Congrads on your success!
If its really in Osaka, I will be there rooting for your next win.

Thank you and I have no idea where it is going to be held. I also have no idea who I am fighting. I hope you are still there though.

Well, I looked into it and found the answer on the Pride website

If you scroll down a bit, there is a blurb called "Two Shows in
Two Weeks". It says there will be a show called Inferno on Feb 1
in Osaka and then Bushido on Feb 15 in Yokohama. The Feb 1
show is right in my backyard and the Yokohama one is a 200
dollar shinkansen ride away. Hmm, two shows in two weeks...
could be fun if my wallet will swing it lol.

Btw, I used to train at BHJJ in the late 90's. I dont think we ever
met but we have some common friends.

Good luck in your training.

how about you vs.Jake Shields in the next bushido

I can't pick and choose my opponents, but I will do it if it is offered.

Chris Brennan vs. Carlos Newton I tell you. Make it happen!!!

hmmmmmm, isnt newton bigger than you chris?? I think you should fight royler gracie is a gi choke only match!! Now that would be sick!! are you feeling it?? BTW, evans is gonna OWN anaheim this weekend

He is doing really well and this should be a wide open season unless Reed comes back right away. Seb is out, RC, no Bubba on a 250, and Reed being hurt opens it up for everyone. Fonz will "own" this weekend though unless I really get in to Nick Wey now that he is with Sobe/Suzuki. Come by the trailer and say hi.

Newton is not too big. he is the size I am fighting at over there. They want me like 175-180.

i want you at like 240, all squishy and huggable!!

oh yeah, newton was like 195 for his fight with Renzo

That's ok, at 180 I would tap em both.

bush hog...

if you go I want your ticket stub!

Tyler Evand didn't win but he did pull off one of the sickest jumps ever in Supercross. He got pushed over the adge of the berm and he went striaight up about 15 feet and flat landed on the other side on the concrete, spun a 180 and raced right back on the track. It doesn't sound crazy but it was really cool live.

Newton was not 195 for his fight with Renzo, they may have said that on DirectTV but they had the weights wrong all night. Newton was walking around between to 180-185lbs, but no bigger for that fight. I was with him in the gym all week watching him get on and off the scale.

And I have requested the Renzo fight but they did not want to use Renzo for some reason and Newton is fighting a few weeks earlier in the UFC. But I would also love for those fights.

I' sure we'll know who he is fighting by February 14 ;)