Chris Brennan have you ever.....

.... met a girl that you tried to date

But a year to make love she wanted you to wait

Let me tell ya a story of my situation

I was talkin' to this girl from the U.S. nation

The way that I met her was on tour at a concert

She had long hair and a short miniskirt

I just got onstage drippin', pourin' with sweat

I was walkin' through the crowd and gues who I met

I whispered in her ear, "Come to the picture booth

So I can ask you some questions to see if you are a hundred proof"

I asked her her name, she said blah-blah-blah
She had 9/10 pants and a very big bra

I took a couple of flicks and she was enthused

I said, "how did you like the show" she said, "I was very amused".

Biz Marquee in the hizzy fo shizzy!!!!!

What the....??

dam that's the best, it brought a tear to my eye

Its Friday


Yoshida is Japanese

Yoshida has some nice cauli ear building up there.