Chris Brennan support thread

With the "news" that he was direspectful to Javi, I just wanted to start a thread suppoting Chris. I did not find it disrespectfull in any way. He was asked if he had ever rolled and what happened. He said he had tapped him 2x and that would give him confidence if they fought.

Chris is super cool and an exciting fighter. He even answered my email which was a surprise. Thank you Chris.


Chris seems cool as hell. I don't think he was trying to be real disrespectful toward Javi.

Chris Brennan is an awesome guy...

CB has my vote

My response to the topic about this earlier...

Fightsport is a classless, low-brow hype site. Them trying to word an honest quote by Chris as an attack against another fighter is about as caniving and distasteful as you can get. A guy like Brennan gives back to the fans... participates here, does a lot of seminars, even trains with some of you folks... yet Fightsport will go and put him on blast by offering a sincere answer to a question asked on a public forum.
Fucksport sucks the ass. I award them no points. May their "reporters" all have babies that look like Kuato from Total Recall, and may that piece of shit get bought out and turned into a homo-porn pay site.

People should just drop the ego. Chris said he tapped Javi in training, who cares? Chris answers questions on his forum and that is supposed to be the purpose of the forum. He also talks about losing. Like the match with Laimon. Chris is an asset to this board and to the fight community in general.

TTT for Chris

Fuck Fightsport. Their entire site is dedicated to bashing Half their shit is cut and pasted from this site.

Chris, fuck these guys, fuck the haters. You have better things to do than respond to white belts.

there was nothing disrespectful about his post on there rolling. I
appreciate a fighter discussing training, i don't understand why
some fuckers would make an issue about it

I didn't take his response to that thread as disrespectful at all. Give the guy a break, he was answering a question that was asked of him!

I respect Chris both for his skills as well as the way he presents himself on the forum. I also just watched that KOTC fight v. McKee (or something like that, from Combat Grappling) I definately respect that kick to the face!

ttt for brennan

3T'S for CB!! He's one cool mofo!! Enough said.


Chris has always been cool to me when we are at different events. He seems like a good dude.

I'm sorry but you have exceeded the number of Chirs Brennan threads that can be active at once. Please delete this thread.

Thank you

Sorry I did not know. *bows head in shame*

Brennan has ALWAYS treated me and my guys well. Chris Brennan = All Class.

-Tosh Cook