Chris Brennan = Underrated???

This is probably rehashing a lot, but I hadn't seen a lot of Chris's fights until watching the highlight at It appears Brennan really brings a lot to the table in terms of overall skills. I'd like to see him fight a lot of guys at 170, there would appear to be a plethora of matches that would be instant classics.

Also, has anybody seen the full Gomi vs. Brennan fight? From that highlight, it appears Gomi was OWNED!

Underrated imo

The Gomi/Brennan fight was not dominated by either fighter. It was very close and *could* have gone either way.

Personally, I think Gomi deserved the nod; but by NO means did either man "own".


I agree as well. Brennan is very underrated and poses a serious threat to anyone at 170 and 155. I'm happy Pride Bushido picked him up, cause he definately belongs in the big shows.

Chris, is there any particular reason Pete Spratt isn't part of the NG fight team? I know he's in Texas, but you guys train together quite a bit.

Wow, if Gomi had enough to make that fight close, that fight must be one of the greatest fights yet. It looked like there was a TON of action.

Brennan is way under-rated. I would put him up against anyone at 170 or 155.

I haven't had the chance to train with him personally but a good friend, John Kavanaugh, has and he recommends Brennan highly as a trainer and as an athlete. The fact that John has trained with a lot of top name people and he recommends Brennan as one of three top guy's I have to work with says a lot.

-Paul Sharp

I am a fan, but isn't his a case of being the best guy
he trains with? In other words, wouldn't he improve if
he constantly worked out with guys better than

TTT for the westside strangler !!!

i would like to see bj vs brennan

he really is underrated.

hes 32

Oh, the things I have seen Chris do. From arm barring top LHW's to walking throught people at lightweight. But it was all during training and training is different. Plus, Chris made me promise to STF up. So I will.

Chris who?

He can also leap tall buildings in a single bound!
Hes a great fighter/friend/coach and definately deserves to be where he is at if not more. He has been the underdog for as long as Ive known him and finally he gets some respect, well its about fucking time! Any how like him or not, training with him is always a pleasure and a good learning experience, so if any of you have a chance check him out for sure.

Brad McCall

p.s. watch out for Adam Lynn and Buck Greer in the very near future, as well as the rest of his team!

Brennan is a stud. Very underrated.


I think his rating is right.

but who thinks he is less than a top guy in his weight class?? (no one)..i don't know anyone who ranks him lower than top 10 in the world at that weight

i dont know about that..

At 170 lbs he is overrated. At 155 lbs he is UNDERRATED.

What weight you fight at matters a lot IMO, unfortuantely, Chris is getting the big money offers fighting outside of his ideal weight class. What is a man going to do? Fight and make money of course. Still a shame.

Brennan is good, but no match for BJ Penn, IMHO.

Gary Hughes